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Prof. Amit Baumel's main goal is to train teams in the building of beneficial products. However, in relevant cases he also consults to companies. Areas of consultancy include product design, product evaluation, building analytics and running trials.

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Backed by science

Prof. Baumel’s consultancy combines decades of research in product design and user motivations, and his hand-on experience in the Hi-tech industry, as head of products and analytics. His Enlight suit of quality assessments is the first tool to predict user engagement to digital products in the real world. The quality concept he coined, Therapeutic Persuasiveness, directly relates to program’s ability to benefit people in their life, and research have found that enhancing programs TP quality increase user engagement by 3 times and also increases the program positive impact.

A Pathway to Success

Baumel evaluation framework is not presented as a “one size fits all”. Alternatively, he offers that the combination of product content, aims, and targeted audience require a specific conceptualization to maximize its pathway to success.

This pathway includes:

(1) Evaluating quality domains of the product and whether it is effort optimized.

(2) Analyzing human motivations and psychology principles related to change user behavior.

(3) Determining the optimal length of product use which also impacts its business model.

For more information on relevant concepts please review our resources

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