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Learn About Your Parenting From Your Child

  • Get honest and constructive feedback about your strengths, weaknesses and where you can improve

  • Understand your parenting according to science backed analysis

The App
Your child will answer nonjudgmental questions about your parenting. The assessment only takes 5 minutes. Our program then analyzes these answers based on scientific-proven domains that are valuable to your parenting. The resulting report will give you a comprehensive description of your parenting.

You will learn, for example, to what extent your child perceives that you “care” or support his/her development and growth, and how it breaks down to aspects such as positive learning environment, or child’s autonomy. You will also learn how these aspects influence your daily reactions with your child.


How Parent Rater Works

  1. Enter your email and payment ($9.95 US dollars)

  2. Receive a link and send to your child or have them complete it on your device.

  3. Once they complete the questions, your free feedback and guidance report link will be sent to your email. 

  4. If you are interested, you can complete the process for all your children as many times as desired once enrolled (no extra charge) over a seven day period.

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Prof. Amit Baumel is part of Parent Rater team. He is a clinical child psychologist, known to be a global expert in digital interventions for parents. He has developed digital parent training programs and programs that train volunteers to support others well-being.
Prof. Baumel has more than 15 years of experience in design, research and development of user centered technological products, especially within the mental health domain.


Satisfied Parents

Parent Rater was basically a life-changer to us. When my husband and I set and looked at the results, it was an ah-ha moment. I am able to see things through my child's eyes, and it really helped my parenting and communication with her.


I was a bit hesitant to try it out, but I really love it. The questions portrayed and the report we get are not built in a judgmental way, so it really is a learning experience… and it was actually fun to sit with my “teenage” child and communicate about this. It helped our relationship grow.


This was such a great and fun activity. And ever since I find myself playing more with my son and listening better to him. Thank you! 


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