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Prof. Amit Baumel combines industry level experience with top-tier academic expertise to teach a practical framework for design and research.

The training, mostly provided through workshops, is intended for entrepreneurs, product managers, and science officers, seeking to learn more about the design of useful and benevolent products and the use of data and analytics in decision making process.

During the training participants will learn:

  • The design principles of products that are beneficial to the people behind the users.

  • The psychology behind behavior-change in a world of technological acceleration.

  • The right metrics to use and hypotheses to test when analyzing data.

  • Practical steps to design a product that adds positivity to the world.

  • Why habit forming is not necessarily the ideal way to optimize benevolent products?

  • What are the deign principles of helpful products?

  • Why randomized trials may be good for marketing but do not provide a substantial evidence for helpfulness?

  • How to achieve a product-market-fit?

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