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Fostering Kindness in a Changing World

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Challenging times create room for new opportunities to emerge. The changes COVID-19 brought to our daily-living – stretching from social isolation to working from home while multitasking – all brought salience to the fact that the kind relationships we build with each other are a true source for comfort, sanity, and meaning in our lives.

  • But how can we easily foster kind-relationships?

  • How can we turn benevolence into something we are not only attracted to but also actively create?

  • And how progress and technology are related to all of these?

John Donne taught us that no man is an island, Mark Zuckerberg turned us into a social network – the world is definitely not the same, however, our basic emotional needs are similar. This lecture examines the position we as individuals take within our social-surrounding, how it changes in the face of progress and technology, and what kind of new opportunities to foster beneficial relationships emerge especially now.

The Fostering Kindness lecture will offer a different way to understand interpersonal encounters and will offer practical tools to create beneficial interactions (at your work/home) regardless of your physical distance from each other. These tools can help spread kindness around you, in a way that enhances yours and others personal growth and help you achieve goals in the workplace.

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